Olympic Games-2021 were under new threat Japan talking about one of the worst-case scenario

Organizers nearest Olympics started talking about a possible cancellation of games. Earlier, Olympic Games moved to in 2021, but, apparently, such a delay can not save the situation. The pandemic continues to gain momentum that is clearly not playing into the hands of the nearest sports tournaments.

 Summer Olympics-2021 Games could not be held

 Transferred to the next year the Olympics have come under another threat. The current trend of growth in the number of infected forcing the organizers of various events planned for the next year to develop replacement scenarios for the events. We are talking about transfers and complete abolition. Competition in this case – is no exception.

 OI have transferred to 2021, but they may even cancel, as another transfer will be seriously complicated because of the Winter Games, scheduled for 2022-th. The main resources of the IOC will be directed on them.

 In our special article, we talked about the cost of the transfer of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

 The representative of the Japanese Organizing Committee Esir Mori said that the situation with the pandemic coronavirus must be brought under control soon, otherwise the Summer Olympic Games will be canceled. In Tokyo, convinced that the Olympics again acquire sense when mankind will win a pandemic.

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 Representatives of the organizing committee in Japan have also noticed that before the Olympics canceled only because of wars, called coronavirus “invisible enemy”. According to Nikkan Sports, in Tokyo believe that the Olympic Games can be a symbol of victory over human pandemic.

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