Last weekend we paid our respects to four gallant members of the regiment who passed away during the year past. The service was memorable for this and for the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate the Society’s founder Brigadier Peter Young. A very emotional day.



We’ve been asked to do a small event at the Civil War Museum in Newark on Sunday the 10th of April similar to the one we did in February (but hopefully without the snow flurries!).

It will involve us putting on a living history display in one of their halls and marching to Newark Castle twice during the day to do a small drill display (there will be powder available) to advertise the museum. The museum are putting on tea, coffee and biscuits for us as before and as you know it is close to several decent pubs if any of you require more robust refreshments. Please let us know if you would like to attend, the museum is open from 10am to 4pm and any time you can spare during the day to help out will be much appreciated.

Following on,  Newark council want us to put on a large parade and drill display on the 8th May in the market square. They also want living history on the Castle and a presence in the Civil War Centre for the day. To help, they have given us local camping from 3pm on Friday 6th May until Sunday night and a private security firm to watch it for us for the whole weekend. They have asked if we could spend the Saturday around the pub’s in Newark (I know, they are asking a lot) to advertise our presence there and drum up interest for the events on Sunday.

We will have powder for the Sunday events however it will mean an early start as we have to be at the Castle ready to march off at 10.00am. Living history needs to be set up by then, if anyone wants to set up living history on Saturday we also have security there.
A more detailed warning order with directions to the campsite will be posted later this month.


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